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About us

About us


AMAR DESIGN WINDOWS stands for competence, innovation, experience in the facade business.


OUR PEOPLE have more then 20 years of experience in their varying practice fields and are dedicated to employ their knowledge towards the best and most satisfactory execution of your project.

PARTNERS from the outset, clients may benefit from solutions offered by our facade design engineers, who aid designing architects in realising their vision without compromising aesthetics, also considering the economic efficiency of product choices and methods applied.

OUR PRODUCTS offer unrivalled design and technological variety to suit every project requirement. We proud ourselves to cater for the most demanding clients and projects offering the latest innovations in building technologies. Through our extensive network of production plants and knowledge centres ranging from the very best of German engineering solutions in steel construction systems to the provision of special glasses, we contribute towards the success of our Clients’ projects utilising all our European resources in knowledge and product innovation.


We always wished to go beyond the ordinary with our work and constantly seek new and innovative products and developments to enrich our solutions towards the greater benefit of the most demanding clients.

This attitude brought us together with a lot of talented people, whose work and passion stands for what we represent, dedication towards perfection. We went a long way to compile our current product range to emphasise the beauty of forms, materials and the building itself, as ‘The details are not the details. They make the design’ (Charles Eames).

Windows traditionally served as status symbols throughout history, we believe that after the last century ignoring this role, there is a revival of their undoubted importance and contribution towards the greater beauty and harmony to be achieved in architecture.

Innovations allowing the modernist ‘minimal frame windows’ to provide perfect insulation from the forces of nature, whilst allowing us to benefit from a sense of interconnection to the surrounding landscape with unobstructed views through the large glazed surfaces offer new living qualities.

Tradition and preservation of historic buildings through the application of noble materials, such as steel and architectural bronze, create timeless values for those, who invest in the future, creating a heritage. These materials truly stand the test of times and age beautifully, similarly to the stone elements on the façade.

It takes time and experience to manufacture our special systems and this dedication and attention to details is the secret of their undeniable quality and contribution to the beauty of the building.


As an architect: a comprehensive package of services from a single source, comprising consulting, planning, production, installation and maintenance services for exclusive homes.

Our specialist façade design services are also available for your complex grand scale projects, where our contribution may start already in the execution planning process, though our DESIGN + BUILD construction.

With AMAR DESIGN WINDOWS, I know that I will be advised by specialists who will respect and implement all of my ideas with the utmost quality, thereby inspiring my clients and achieving their greater satisfaction through the meticulously applied tailor-made solutions unique for their home or project.

We can be trusted with the most extreme needs, such as retractable windows that can be sunk into the ground, motorised movement operated large sliding doors, airtight curved sliding glass door system, just to name a few of our solutions.

As we also benefit from knowledge centres outside our country, we can put to work their experience and knowledge towards resolving a great variety of engineering / technological challenges.

Our clients enjoy the unrivalled services that are the result of our dedicated work and the most individual windows /facades that are not just beautiful, but create value for  future generations.

Possibilities offered by our product systems are almost endless, guaranteeing utmost quality and truly unique solutions from newbuild to historic preservation.