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More updates on Cédrus Liget Project coming soon

The Cedrus Liget project, designed by Bara Akos Daniel (B.A.D) links interior and exterior with high-tech glass enclosures developed by OTIIMA | Much more than a Window.

Cedrus Liget is an unusual housing condominium in Szeged, Hungary’s third-largest city and the most important city in the south of the country. The complex is formed by twelve buildings, some of them interconnected, that share an organic line and a close link with a naturalized environment composed by plant life and trees that embrace the hole residential condominium.

The connection between the built volumes and the surrounding environment is established through a series of oval shaped buildings. Each floor offers a visual sense of continuity, where built strips alternate with other fully glazed and green ones.

To achieve maximum transparency, a total of 27,000 m2 of windows have been installed, being the project with the world’s most extensive glass façade to date.  Bara Akos Daniel has designed each building with a gradient of heights that lightens the whole and the sinuous connection between the different units gives it a biotechnological and futuristic aesthetic.

The glazed enclosures, set back from the façade line, are a high-tech installation by OTIIMA | Much more than a window.

Each living unit has a large open area that communicates with the terrace through large double-layer aluminium sliding windows with thermal insulation.

The window design merges superior technical features with minimalist aesthetics. Besides, it also integrates security, energy efficiency and intuitive operation for the users.

The applied system is OTIIMA 38 PLUS, with innovative sliding mechanism and an invisible lock incorporated into the handle, which provides high stability to the glass panels through the use of vertical and horizontal bearings. The high performance in water and wind tightness and the anti-freeze system are some of the features that stand out. The design excellence of OTIIMA PLUS system has been awarded with the prestigious Red Dot Product Design 2017 Award.