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AMAR Steel Construction Systems

Slim frame options from materials such as aluminium-aluminium, aluminium-wood, bronze-aluminium, bronze-bronze and bronze-wood allow for an architecture free from boundaries. Large surface sliding doors until an area of 18sqm and up to 1500kg.

Solutions from an international industry leader, a historical company from Germany that started as a family business in 1928 and due to its continuous development and unrivalled innovations, today it builds the worlds’ most iconic buildings.

Technology that includes versatile steel and aluminium construction systems for any particular building shape and function, let it be an airport, a stadium or an exhibition venue.

Endless combination and customisation possibilities to adapt the most extreme building shell forms, such as freeform structures or the most ambitious designs covering great spams.

Possibilities encompass block, disk, star, ball and double node systems with a great many variations and adaptation possibilities, no site welding required, glass or alternative covering systems (membranes, for instance) can be directly mounted into the primary, single layer structure.

Beyond architectural freeform building systems, exhibition systems solutions are equally special and unparalleled.

As a unique combination of both, their systems have been selected to create the freeform shading structure of the Thematic District of 2020 Dubai Main Expo project.

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